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Our Investments


Kings Ventures operates with a focused investment strategy, committing between $500,000 and $5,000,000 per investment. We intentionally limit our active investments to a maximum of five companies at any one time. This approach ensures that we can dedicate significant time and resources to each venture, deeply engaging in their day-to-day operations. Our hands-on involvement is crucial for providing the support and guidance needed to drive success and maximize the potential of each investment.

Our portfolio encompasses a diverse range of sectors, including automotive, customer experience, facilities management, healthcare, and real estate. This strategic diversification positions us to capitalize on unique opportunities across these dynamic industries, leveraging our expertise to drive growth and innovation.

Our portfolio has experienced several notable public exits, alongside a number of discreet exits, reflective of the specific nature and strategic considerations of those sales. This approach underscores our commitment to maintaining the confidentiality and bespoke requirements of our transactions, ensuring optimal outcomes for all stakeholders involved.

Our Specialties

  • Search Funds

  • Angel Investments

  • Seed Investments

  • Series A

  • Revolving Credit Lines

  • Convertible Notes

  • Micro "Cap" PE

  • Partial Buyouts

  • Fractional CEO

  • Board Advisory

Should the nature of a transaction demand it, we are fully equipped to develop a tailored investment or advisory model. Our distinctive organizational framework is designed to facilitate mutually beneficial outcomes in every potential deal, ensuring that we can adapt flexibly to the specific requirements of each transaction.

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