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We're thrilled to share that two of our portfolio companies at King's Ventures have made it to the 2023 Philadelphia 100 list of fastest-growing companies!

This is a huge accomplishment and speaks volumes about the hard work, innovation, and dedication of our teams. It's not just a win for us but a testament to the vibrant business environment in Philadelphia.

A big thank you to everyone involved - this success is yours too!

Here's to continued growth and making an impact!

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Bio of our Founder/CEO - Marc Rubino

From the quaint streets of Haddon Heights, NJ, to the bustling corridors of entrepreneurial success, my journey has been anything but ordinary. Childhood summers spent in Sea Isle City, amidst a vibrant extended family, sowed the seeds of my curiosity and ingenuity. My hands were always busy, deconstructing and reconstructing the world around me, driven by what my grandmother fondly described as "a thousand thoughts a minute" whispered in Italian.

My path was uniquely mine from the start. I've never worked for anyone, crafting my destiny with the same fervor I applied to those early tinkerings. At 19, I launched my first venture from my parents' garage, a bold leap that set the stage for a lifetime of entrepreneurship. This was my education, learned not in lecture halls, but through the grit of real-world experience.

Meeting my wife Jaime in 2012 marked a turning point, her presence transforming my life's work into a shared journey of endless possibilities. Together, we're raising our sons, Luca and Santo, imbuing them with the same spirit of adventure and resilience that has guided us. Our homes in Haddonfield, Longport, and Old Naples, FL, are not just residences but reflections of a life rich in love, exploration, and a connection to the beauty around us.

As the founder and CEO of Kings Ventures since 2007, I've channeled my passion for the free enterprise system into a boutique investment firm renowned for its expertise in guiding small to mid-sized businesses through critical transitions. Our approach is rooted in active investment and operational control, a testament to my belief in the transformative power of entrepreneurship and strategic guidance.

One of my most defining ventures has been the creation and growth of Redline Automotive Merchandising. What began as a solo endeavor evolved into a pioneering company with over 150 dedicated employees. Under my leadership, Redline transformed the automotive merchandising industry, garnering numerous accolades and culminating in a successful sale to private equity. This journey exemplifies my ability to scale businesses, navigate competitive markets, and achieve exceptional outcomes.

My convictions are deeply influenced by my grandfathers, members of the Greatest Generation, whose stories of resilience through the Great Depression and valor in World War II have instilled in me a profound appreciation for the freedoms and opportunities our country offers. Their legacy is a constant reminder of what can be achieved with determination and a bit of ingenuity.

When I'm not navigating the complexities of business transitions or strategizing for the next big venture, you'll find me embracing the simple joys of life. Whether it's spending time with my family, enjoying the tranquility of the beach, coaching my kids' sports teams, or engaging in the latest DIY project, each moment is a reminder of the balance that drives my success.

Through roles ranging from CEO of Clark Services Group to executive positions at GoMoto and involvement in innovative endeavors like Predian, my career is a mosaic of initiatives that reflect a commitment to excellence, innovation, and a dedication to making a meaningful impact. Each venture, award, and milestone is a chapter in a story of relentless pursuit, driven by a thousand thoughts and the unwavering support of my family.

As I continue on this journey, my mission remains clear: to empower, to innovate, and to lead by example, proving that with passion and perseverance, any dream is within reach.

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